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Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master certified in India by Indian Masters. (Yoga Alliance certification)

Massage Therapist certified in Thailand, India, Bali and Spain.


My interest for the holistic therapies began many years ago, when I still was living in Barcelona. I first studied aromatherapy and, since then, I have been using, applying and enjoying the healing properties and the amazing benefits of the essential oils and aromatherapy.

I decided to leave my country several years ago, looking for a change in my life, and I started a long travel around Asia. During my travels I felt the need to learn about holistic therapies and massages in a deeper way. I did several massage courses and trainnings in Thailand, Bali and afterwards in India, where I also finished my Reiki Mastery at the end of 2015.  My desire to heal others grew during my learnings and it has become my passion and purpose in life.

On the other hand, I discovered the power of yoga during my stay in Thailand, and, after a few years of devotional personal practice and a deep love for yoga, I did my first yoga teacher training in India in 2014, and my pre-natal & post-natal yoga teacher training in 2015. My goal is to teach and share the practice of this healing and spiritual discipline with so many benefits for body mind and soul, with patience, passion and empathy.

I had the pleasure to work in a luxury resort in a beautiful island in south Thailand since december 2014 until april 2016, as yoga teacher, massage therapist and reiki healer, where I could develop my knowledge as my profession.

I am very grateful and I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to learn and work all this healing techniques and feel their incomparable qualities and benefits, in myself and my clients, but, overall, I have a deep desire to help, heal people and improve their quality of life, through my hands and my heart, doing it with love, devotion and compassion.

I visit India (Mysore) every year, for at least one month, to improve my learnings and my yoga practice with my master.

Actually I am living in the beautiful island of Tenerife (Canary Islands – Spain) since may 2016.